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e communication with t▓he American negotiators. It also believes that an urgent task for Washington is to s▓top the introduction of further tarif▓fs on 550 billion U▓.S. dollars of

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goods from C▓hina, in orde▓r to prevent a further escalation o▓f the dispu▓te.Negotiation requires the participation of▓ both part

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ies, who need to be will▓ing to meet each other half ▓way. The United States should return to t▓he negotiating table so that bot▓h sides can work through the e▓conomic and trade frictions in a spiri▓t of equality an▓d mutual respect.As▓ for the Hong Kong situation, Wa

unting pressure on▓ the

shington needs to ▓clearly distinguish political issu

es from economic ones. The trade talks sho▓uld be about ▓just trade. Any attempt to ▓use the Hong Kong i▓ssue as a bargaining chip will not succeed.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Inst▓agramPleas▓e scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatConsume

r Technology A▓ssociation on Sunday reiterat▓ed its condem▓

nation of new U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports, ▓saying that such trade policy, the "wo▓rst economic mistak▓e" in decades, w▓ould badly hurt U▓.S. consume▓rs and negatively impact the country's economy.Cons▓umer Technology As▓sociation cal▓ls U.S. tariffs "worst eco

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nomic mistake" in decadesConsumer Te▓chnology A▓ssociation calls U.S. tariffs "▓worst economic mistake"

oi▓ces in

in decades09-02-▓2019 09:16 BJTWASHINGTON, Sept. 1 -- ▓Consumer Technology Association on Sunday


reiterated its condemnatio▓n of new U.S. ta▓riffs on Chinese imports, ▓saying that such trade polic

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y,▓ the "worst ▓economic mistake" in decades, would badly hurt U.S. consumers and negatively impact the


another r▓o

c▓ountry's ec▓onomy."This new

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tariff list▓ taxes consumers on

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52 billion U▓.S. dollars ▓worth

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of their favor▓ite tech pro▓d

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ucts, including TVs, digital cam

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▓eras, Bluetooth earb▓uds, smart

ng to resolve▓ the trade ▓

watches an▓d fitness trackers," Gary Shapiro, president and ▓CEO o

f Consumer Technology Associ▓ation, said i▓n a statement, regar▓ding the 15 percent additio▓nal tariffs slated▓ to take effe▓ct on Sunday."Americ▓an consumers were alrea▓dy going to pay▓ higher prices for their holiday gifts. Now,

the president▓'s decision to hik▓e tariffs even higher me▓ans even more p▓ain fo

r American bus▓inesses, w▓orkers and families," said Shapiro.Si▓nce July 2018, Section 301 tari▓ffs on China have cost the consumer technology industry more than 10 billion▓ U.S. dollars, ?/p>

坕ncluding 1 billion dollars on 5G-related pr▓oducts, "hindering the

United States in the cr▓itical global race for 5G," Shapir▓o said.Tar▓iffs will cost the technology industry nearly 7 ▓billion dol

lars in▓ the fourth quarter of 2019 alone ▓-- and tarif▓fs will force consume

rs to pay more for their holiday gifts, he said.While there are issues in bilateral trade relations that need to be addre▓ssed, the "unpredictable tariff policy is f▓orcing us down the wrong economic


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path," Shapi▓ro said."Continuous threats of▓ more tariffs ▓and occasional promises that trade talks are ▓progressing mean whi▓plash for global stock markets. That uncertainty hurts every American with a pension, retirement fund or college savings plan," he said.Additio

nall▓y, this approach a▓lso compro

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